Ray Comfort’s People Try Out Condescension

Ray Comfort blog pic

Cal MacDonald, who captain’s Trolling with Logic from the helm, received a message from Living Waters (a car from the Ray Comfort “Crazy Train”) yesterday regarding a PWNage that was done titled “Evolution vs. God”. It seems that the Banana Posse is trying to exempt their videos on YouTube from the terms of the “Fair Dealing” law in Scotland (where TwL originates from, similar to what the U.S. calls the “Fair Use Act”).

“Hi, I hope you’re having a great day!
We’ve found that you have uploaded segments from our film, “Evolution Vs. God.” Thanks for your interest in sharing our film! You may not have known, but our film is copyright protected and uploading clips from it is illegal (a reminder is on the opening FBI Warning screen to our TV episodes and our films; those are purely reminders, our shorter videos are copyright protected as well).
Please feel free to use the YouTube sharing options to embed any video on our YouTube page to your Facebook or blog. You can also “favorite” any of our videos on your own YouTube channel to help spread the word.
Please delete our video from your channel as soon as possible.
Thank you very much.
PS. You might appreciate a website we made about God: http://www.NeedGod.com

In addition to receiving this message, the Trolling channel has also been blocked by Living Waters preventing any sort of response. So, as a member of the TwL panel, Marty Mer has released a video plea (see below) calling for a Streisand campaign. If anyone is interested in mirroring the PWNage on their own channel, you can download it at this link.