Frozen’s Gay Agenda

What the effiing fuck is wrong with people? Seriously. I am really fucking tired of people trying to attach “agenda” to movies. Remember when you could just sit down and enjoy a film for its entertainment value? I do. First, there were complaints about Despicable Me 2 and how it portrayed the lead female role (yawn), then the new Superman was deemed too close to promoting Christianity (piss off) and now Frozen is promoting a gay agenda (go fuck yourself)?
Am I the only one who doesn’t go into every viewing looking for something to be pissed about? I am a movie fanatic. Not joking, there isn’t a single conversation that I am involved in that doesn’t contain a quote or movie reference in it somewhere. What I did NOT do is look to cartoons, comic books and depictions of fiction in any format for guidelines on how I should or what I should be….at any age, but it certainly wasn’t as a child either.
No child who ever dressed up as Batman for Halloween grew up to actually put on a rubber suit, cape and ears to go out and fight crime – vigilanty-style. The closest to that has been the men who have played Batman in the shows and movies about the character, and they got paid (good money in most cases, at least currently). Not even all of them actually read the comics or watched the shows either.
The story of Superman has always had a “god-like” sort of theme to it, as it’s a super-human from off planet that saves people from doom and gives them hope…however, no one ever converted to a religion because of it. Nor is anyone ever going to become gay because they watched anything. You are either gay or you aren’t. Grow the fuck up.
For the record, I watched Frozen with my daughter and didn’t get any sort of “gay agenda” vibe to it. What I loved about it was the fact that Kristoff called Anna out on the fact that she was willing to (nay, excited to) marry a bloke she had only just met. I suppose it’s lost on the “well-behaved (WTF?) mormon woman” that this was based on a story penned by Hans Christian Anderson. I wonder if she would have his book removed from the library for “promoting a gay agenda” as well…twat.


Here’s my point: you want to help humanity? Volunteer at a food pantry. Donate clothes that you never wear to a homeless person. Read to a child. Play with a child (seriously, kids make up the coolest games and have the best imagination). Tutor someone in anything you are good at. Take time with the rest of humanity, instead of blaming media for your issues and personal agendas.


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