Frozen’s Gay Agenda

What the effiing fuck is wrong with people? Seriously. I am really fucking tired of people trying to attach “agenda” to movies. Remember when you could just sit down and enjoy a film for its entertainment value? I do. First, there were complaints about Despicable Me 2 and how it portrayed the lead female role (yawn), then the new Superman was deemed too close to promoting Christianity (piss off) and now Frozen is promoting a gay agenda (go fuck yourself)?
Am I the only one who doesn’t go into every viewing looking for something to be pissed about? I am a movie fanatic. Not joking, there isn’t a single conversation that I am involved in that doesn’t contain a quote or movie reference in it somewhere. What I did NOT do is look to cartoons, comic books and depictions of fiction in any format for guidelines on how I should or what I should be….at any age, but it certainly wasn’t as a child either.
No child who ever dressed up as Batman for Halloween grew up to actually put on a rubber suit, cape and ears to go out and fight crime – vigilanty-style. The closest to that has been the men who have played Batman in the shows and movies about the character, and they got paid (good money in most cases, at least currently). Not even all of them actually read the comics or watched the shows either.
The story of Superman has always had a “god-like” sort of theme to it, as it’s a super-human from off planet that saves people from doom and gives them hope…however, no one ever converted to a religion because of it. Nor is anyone ever going to become gay because they watched anything. You are either gay or you aren’t. Grow the fuck up.
For the record, I watched Frozen with my daughter and didn’t get any sort of “gay agenda” vibe to it. What I loved about it was the fact that Kristoff called Anna out on the fact that she was willing to (nay, excited to) marry a bloke she had only just met. I suppose it’s lost on the “well-behaved (WTF?) mormon woman” that this was based on a story penned by Hans Christian Anderson. I wonder if she would have his book removed from the library for “promoting a gay agenda” as well…twat.


Here’s my point: you want to help humanity? Volunteer at a food pantry. Donate clothes that you never wear to a homeless person. Read to a child. Play with a child (seriously, kids make up the coolest games and have the best imagination). Tutor someone in anything you are good at. Take time with the rest of humanity, instead of blaming media for your issues and personal agendas.


Distractions and Sparkly Things

Okay, so it happened again. There I was, going along fine and dandy, like cotton candy. Next thing you know, I get side-tracked by schoolwork and a couple of Hangouts. Oh, yeah, the Amazon Prime didn’t help at all either. I will say that it was nice to take a brief break, but I am back now and working on an article that I’m not going to really tell you about yet. It’s not some lame way to try and boost your excitement about it, like it’s a big breaking news piece or a really great piece of gossip. I’m just not positive about where the angle is going to take me yet, so I would rather be elusive about it than say one thing and have it be another (like an unintentional lie).

I hope you all enjoyed the information about the African American women I was spotlighting. Also, there is a slideshow showing men as well. It’s on the left of the site. I intended to do more but time just hasn’t allowed me to go further. No worries though, I will be posting more about people all over the world on occasion. I love to pass on information that I learn. Why know it if you can’t use it or pass it on? Life is about learning and I fill every day with learning more information than I knew yesterday. It keeps me from getting bored.

Lastly, with the teasing of warmer weather I am getting antsy for summer. So tired of cold winds and dirty snow. Warmer weather means more walks. More walks mean new pics. So, you can probably expect some getting posted here. I’m never without a camera either. Plus, walking gives me a chance to get out and listen to the podcasts I don’t have time to catch during the week. Despite doing lots of atheist and secular-related podcasts throughout most weeks I like to listen to vanilla stuff when I’m walking. I have a lot of old time radio shows, Kevin Smith, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Doug Stanhope, and a couple other comedy shows I can listen to. It helps to distract me for a bit, so I can 1392689879370refocus. I don’t like to be thinking about anything but school work while I am doing school work.

So there you have it. A somewhat rambley post that hopefully let you peak into a narrow window for a moment. To close out, I will leave you with this photo of my daughter’s cat. We call her, The Calico Tigress, or Cali when she’s getting into trouble. We’ve noticed she has a penchant for watching movies. Also, I’m sure you will recognise that was taken using Snapchat. What can I say?

Praying to Thor…or Not.

The seven days of the week are named for celestial bodies. Since, at the time of the naming gods were tied to the planets, they loosely became associated with those gods. They had gods for everything, by the way. Today people would be praying to the god of “good traffic” to make sure they got to work on time if we still followed this. Unless you actually honour the seven gods loosely attached to the seven bodies that our days of the week are named for, then stop using it as a lame-ass argument against christians. Seriously. Do you ACTUALLY honour the moon (or the attached god Mani) on Monday? Do you pull out a telescope and cast it’s gaze upon the surface every week? Do you even post a photo on Facebook of the moon every monday? No, you don’t.
Christians are actually praying to Christ. Whether their behaviour shows it everyday, they still honour him when they attend church, or bow their heads before a meal, or speak to him about their troubles before they sleep at night. Unless you can say the same thing about Mars or Venus then you cannot compare the fucking days of the week being loosely named for gods that they are only named after because space was a great mystery.
There is actual persecution happening out there. There are REAL breaches of church and state. There are real instances of religion being harmful, dangerous and even deadly to humanity. If you put half as much effort into real issues as you do the fucking names of the week, shit would actually get done. I have seen at least a half a dozen posts about this stupid nit-picky shit today alone. Let’s get passed it.
I would LOVE to see atheists put that much investigation into researching the politicians that govern this country. Time to move on, atheists. Time to actually “nut up or shut up” because at this point I understand why so many people see us as assholes. Also, I’m an atheist but if I want to say merry-fucking christmas it doesn’t make me less atheist. Not believing in a deity doesn’t mean I have the right to be a douche, nor does it automatically mean I am.

Week Four, December 2013 ~ A Numbered List for Everything…Except Substance

HPW Rants

My rant this week will be somewhat brief, mainly because I think my point will be understood fairly quickly. What is with the barrage of numbered lists? Seriously, you are making lists for everything. Is it something requested from someone in charge of the blog site? I was under the impression (especially with the way that the various parts of HuffPo seem to have no idea what the rest of the site is doing) that there isn’t any sort of website meeting that happens on a regular basis, like you see in the movies. You know, even Clark Kent had to sit in on a staff meeting where writers and photographers got assigned stories to cover and then they were quickly shuffled out the door to pursue the lead. That seldom happens any more, at least not with the blog sites. However, there is an epidemic of posts lately titled with something along the lines of “23 Things You Could be Eating for Dinner” or “17 Lives that are More Explosive than Your Diarrhea”. Okay, perhaps that last one is a bit much, but you get my point. HuffPo Women is jumping on this bandwagon with all the enthusiasm of a group of cheerleaders. Here is a sampling of their latest groupings of things that women are supposed find interesting:

~ 19 Stages of New Year’s Eve Planning Anxiety – What the fuck is the point of this one? Oh, right. Lets add another to the ever-growing list of anxieties women already have about the holidays. This time we are going to offer it in the form of flashy animated .gifs (because women only pay attention to things with movement or that sparkle). What isn’t going to be shown is suggestions about how men and women can be safe during the holidays. No reminders about designated drivers or taxis, nothing about not leaving your drinks unattended while in crowded clubs, not a peep about traveling in groups and using the buddy system during what the blogger refers to as “most overhyped ‘party night’ of the year.” No instead, within the only small paragraph of text used in this selection is this: “just staying in is, apparently, not an option.” Really? I beg to differ.
Having been a bar owner I have experienced the “scene” from various angles. I got to rake in thousands of dollars in a single night from the mass-consumption of alcohol. I have been the customer, both the intoxicated and the sober “designated driver” keeping people safe. I have also seen the tragedies and the arrests from too many people not using precautions. It is absolutely an option to stay home, and you shouldn’t feel bad or embarrassed for choosing that route. More and more places are offering events on New Year’s Day. I used to remain open all night (it’s the one day of the year that some states allow it), having a band and then a DJ for the Eve celebration and then the next day offering more live music and served free food for both days. Check your options. If you want to stay home during the craziness of the last day of the year and spend the first day of the new year out celebrating instead, by all means do it. The odds are in your favour that it will be safer, at the very least.

~ 10 Things you Feel When You’re Single for the Holidays – Admittedly, this blogger is single. She mentions it in the first sentence. Even if she hadn’t, however you would have figured it out pretty quickly. Reading this post, you also figure out that her life seems to come to a depressing end and has no meaning without a partner to help her feel complete. I got news for you, if you are unhappy alone, you are only going to be miserable (and, as a result make your partner miserable) if you end up finding someone who is willing to buy that “life-sized bear made out of chocolate” that you feel is necessary to get you through Valentine’s Day. Not only that, but if life “bothers” you so much that you need the distraction of being with someone else, you probably have some serious soul-searching to do so it’s probably a good thing you aren’t involved right now. Also, I was married for over a decade and still alone for most of it. “Single” does not mean “alone” anymore than being with someone guarantees that you will no longer feel alone. Finally, how uncreative are you that three of the ten is a different variation of the word “alone”? You are a published writer. Open a thesaurus, for fuck’s sake.

~ 10 Ways to Hide the Fact that You are a Secret Slob – Okay, despite the fact that I have a form of OCD it most definitely is NOT of the cleaning variety. I have the joy of obsessing over numbers instead (is the volume on the TV set at an even number or one that’s divisible nicely like 5; why did I have to buy 3 of some things and 2 of others). However, if I knew that there was even the remotest possibility of someone showing up at my house for an event that happens every year at the same fucking time I would perhaps plan ahead a little bit. Okay, most years I am still shopping for someone on xmas eve, so obviously procrastination really is my bag. What I do not do however is put off things that people will see.
First, why the fuck can you not find time to switch on a dishwasher? Isn’t the point in having one so that (in addition to cutting back on having to physically wash some of your dishes) you never have to have a load of dirty dishes hanging about? How lazy are you than you can’t squirt some liquid in the cup, close the door and set the cycle? No one is that busy. It’s seriously like 10 seconds. Even if you are somehow too busy to put them away at least the load is clean.
Second, do not use garbage bags for storage. Ever. Nothing says “I’m a hoarder” more than big black garbage bags stashed around the house. The same goes for bins. Seriously. seeing a bunch of random shit tossed into bins isn’t gonna make me think you are organised. It’s gonna look like you are trying to cover up that you are a slob. Also, if you have a dishwasher, the odds are good you have a washer and a dryer. Use them. It takes a few moments to load the washer or switch from washer to dryer. Me hearing the dryer running when I come by for dinner is going to impress me more than the stash of garbage bags or over-sized Tupperware filled with random shit. Also, you won’t have to worry about stashing it all on the back deck or in the trunk of your car. Honestly, if you are such a slob that you need to read about how to fake it, you likely don’t have empty closets either. Oh, and for the record, burning candles only masks odors briefly. If your place smells like a locker room or a laboratory, masking that isn’t going to work for long.
Finally, why is this on the section for women? Once again placing housekeeping on the shoulders of women. Obviously the person who wrote it never had teenage boys, never went to a single guy’s house and assumes that only women should have to bear the responsibility for keeping a house clean, or would actually have a guest over for the holidays. Seriously, couldn’t this have been in the main section of HuffPost just as easily, if it had to be posted at all?

Granted, they did post a list of “24 Pieces that Should be Required Reading for Women for 2013” but there wasn’t much there that wasn’t about emotional strength. I’m not saying that isn’t important, but where is the positive articles about women breaking glass ceilings? Why was there no mention of Wendy Davis, or anyone who took a political risk on behalf of women? There are plenty of organisations geared toward helping women get ahead that have nothing to do with adding to the stereotype that we are only emotional beings, but none of them were mentioned either.

The lists are endless and they are non-stop. It’s like they assume that unless the information is numbered and [often] accompanied with flashy or glittery .gifs or photos that women won’t want to read about it. While there is bound to be some that fit that category what about giving us substance? What is happening there is only feeding into the assumption that women only care about “pretty” and “feels”. Fuck that. Women want to know that we are making a difference and leaving our mark on the world, and it’s not always pretty when it happens.

Week Three, December 2013 ~ Swiss Cheese is Awesome!

HPW Rants

Okay, I know this one is not actually from the third week in December but I just want to give a quick “FUCK YOU, Swiss cheese is awesome” to HuffPo Women. Seriously. Who the hell are you to call me a liar? More importantly who are you to judge people based on the freakin’ cheese they eat anyway. What a stupid blog. Anywhoo, moving on…

Why HuffPo Women’s interpretation of Pantene’s gender inequality ad is total bullshit: Okay, so obviously the person who wrote this feels that the message doesn’t really apply to her. Does that mean that every woman on the planet should be offended by the message it is handing out? No. I will grant her that it’s probably not the best way to let women know that, as a company Pantene is sympathetic to the plight of inequality (especially in a male-dominated corporate world). That being said, has it been effective? Yes, it certainly has. After all, it made it to the Facebook page of an angry blogger who also owns a page called “Witty + Pretty” ~ a website that thought that while Pantene’s sympathy to the inequality of women was bad but the now viral commercial showing men in their underwear jingling a popular holiday tune isn’t at all sexualising men. I wonder if she would have been so thrilled with that commercial if it displayed women with bells hanging from sparkly bikini tops jiggling to the same holiday tune? My suggestion? Ease off Pantene. When it comes to issues like equality, I would almost guarantee they were at the very least advised by a woman during the production of that commercial. In the meantime, if you want to cry about equality then you should pay more attention to what’s posted on your own website. Right now you kind of look like a hypocrite. The best part of it all? HuffPost Women already posted a blog applauding the damn commercial!

HuffPo Women Hates Weddings…which is odd, considering there is a section of HuffPost that’s specifically for weddings. Don’t even get me started on the section offering advice about divorce. I’ll leave that to fellow HuffPost hater, Kate Surthwaite who spares no fuel when igniting her opinion of the bloggers and their “advice” for people coming out of ending marriages (follow link here and here). However, for all you ladies dreaming about having your families gather together on what is supposed to be your happiest day to help you celebrate and look on as you give your vows HuffPost Women blogger says “screw you”. While we are at it, no more baby showers especially you teen mothers who need to know that you won’t be alone in this monstrous event. You were foolish enough to get knocked up, you don’t deserve to have your friends and family gather to celebrate one of the biggest events in your life either. Also, since you are a wealthy teen you can buy your own shit. I will concede that forcing your friends to fly to Hawaii to don a tacky taffeta gown that they will only ever get to put on again for Halloween or a fancy dress party (that’s a costume party if you are in the states) is fairly crass. However, there isn’t a guarantee that any marriage will last, so asking (even in jest) for said friend to reimburse you for the money you willingly spent to go to Hawaii (be honest, you wanted to fly to the islands anyway) is even tackier.

At least this one doesn’t hide that it’s written by a guy. I’m of the opinion that a lot of the blogs written for/posted by HuffPo Women are actually written my somewhat misogynistic dudes who have no freaking clue what women actually want to hear about. Seriously, I often expect to see a post some day with nothing but pics of college girls in lingerie having pillow fights and making out, or some “advice” post describing a scene best fit for the mail section of a certain nudie magazine. However, I shall digress. In this case, the guy in question is talking about Lulu, an ap for women to rate guys that they have dated. Now, the issue with this is that if an ap like this were to be created for guys (there IS probably one for all I know) to rate the women that they have dated, HuffPo would likely be within the first in line to lead the charge against every guy who had even scoped out the site, let alone actually used it. So why is a page geared at women promoting it’s use? I suppose we are supposed to accept that, since a guy is using it and actually learned that he was being a doofus in public and changed his behaviour that it’s okay to reduce people to a numbered scale. Sorry, I don’t care. Not that I don’t care about him learning a lesson, I’m thrilled for whomever is lucky enough to end up dating him after he stopped swearing during a fancy meal. I just can’t believe that no woman ever said, “hey, do you think you  could leave the sailor-speak for a more appropriate time…like when there isn’t a violin accompanying our meal?”

HuffPo Women learns the wrong lesson…again. First off, let me say that I really hate the term “selfie” so this will likely be the only time you see me use it. This week, the world came to a screeching halt because POTUS Obama was caught posing for a “selfie” with the English Prime Minister  and the Danish Prime Minister (who happens to be a white, blond woman…gasp!). Now the photo shows the three of them preparing to take a photo on the Danish PM’s mobile phone during a memorial celebration of Nelson Mandella. That’s right, celebration (as opposed to funeral). Now, well before HuffPo’s wretched blog shaming Obama for his “antics”, the actual photographer was quoted saying that the initial response to the photo was wrong. Michelle Obama wasn’t angry about her husband’s actions. Quite the contrary, she had been laughing and conversing with everyone just before the camera captured  the now infamous shot. However, this didn’t stop the blogger from attempting to send a cyber-high five to Mrs. Obama for “letting the world know her feelings MATTER”…except that the blogger has no real idea what her feelings actually are. Hooray for HuffPo Woman for making assumptions about another person’s feelings and ignoring evidence. The tactful thing to do would be to tack on an update to your assumption, accepting that you were wrong and offering an apology for attempting to interfere in another woman’s marriage. I won’t hold my breath though

“Why Should I Press ‘1’ for English?”

Recently I was driving back from the store when notice that the redneck in the truck in front of me has labeled himself so that no one will confuse him with, say a person with a modicum of intelligence. The NRA member sticker was the first indicator, which might sound judgmental. For an organisation that carries the likes of a draft-dodging douchebag like Ted Nugent I’m not sure that I care whether it offends anyone or not.

The sticker that stood out the most this time however was one I had seen numerous times before that apparently indicated some difficulty in pressing a number on a telephone’s keypad. “Why Should I Have to Press 1 for English?”  It seems that this particular redneck (and he’s not alone in this thought) feels that since this is America all “phone trees” should only be available in English. What a great idea, after all this country is not a “melting pot” of varying ethnic backgrounds from varying corners of the world attempting to live freely and equally under the banner of “Old Glory”…oh, wait.

The problem I have with this sort of, well Aryan mentality is that it’s ignorant. It implies that the United States is only host to “English” speaking peoples. The fact is that it’s not really English that we speak, but a bastardised version. We have altered the language enough that what we now speak and write is no longer what those across the pond speak but another separate dialect all it’s own. You can compare it to the difference between the language spoke in France and Canadian French; similar but each unique. We should be calling it “American English” instead.

Also, I’m a little tired of this feeling of entitlement that is so common in this country. Europeans invaded and took over this country, enslaving or killing anyone that tried to stand in their way. When they ran short of people to push around, they then went to other less developed countries and stole (even if only figuratively in some cases) members of different races of people to bring back and put to work.

When slavery was abolished immigration increased, exponentially. More people flooded into the United States seeking better opportunity and less oppression that what was offered in their homeland. With the arrival of those immigrants came their culture, their heritage, and yes even their language. These are all components of what makes up an individual and asking any person to let go of any of that is not just arrogant, it’s also extremely disrespectful and insulting. However that is the attitude that Americans carry, that ours is the proper way for this country and the only one that should be allowed outside of the privacy of one’s home. Too bad they don’t share the same opinion with the religion they try to use to dictate how everyone lives.

The fact is that, rather than pressing 1 for “English”, technically we should be pressing 1 for “American Indian” (followed by a menu of various tribe dialects) then 2 for “American English”, followed by the other languages that are spoken in this country. Unfortunately, most of the original tribal dialects have been all but been removed, even among their own tribes. Rather than everyone else trying to assimilate to what a select group (that is rapidly losing it’s place as the majority) wants, we should be accommodating everyone that shares this country.

The fact is that we are a great “Melting Pot” of a country, as are most developed countries. We, as a country need to learn that our arrogance is unfounded and our sense of entitlement is misguided, at best. This issue with having to “press 1″ is insignificant to be sure, but it speaks volumes about us as we try to take our place in the world. We want to be taken seriously as a country by the other kids on the playground when in truth what they see is equivalent of a school-yard bully. Relatively uneducated and arrogant, we try to shove the kids that are different to the ground and then take their lunch money. The problem with bullies is that eventually, those who are being bullied usually ending up uniting together and reclaiming the playground.

Cold, Dead Hands

There are stark differences when it comes to the right to bear arms and those most vocal in the fight. On the one hand, to the far left are the extreme Liberals, who want complete removal of guns from the hands of the citizens. They hold absolute faith in the law enforcement and the military to protect us should we need it. Those on the other side of the argument are accused of trying to start a war, building their own “army” of sorts and stockpiling weapons to support such a move.

On the other hand, to the far right are the extreme Conservatives, who want the freedom to collect as many weapons as they see fit without limits or restrictions. They accuse the other side of trying to infringe on their “Constitutional right to bear arms”. They often accuse the government of wanting to enforce a state of Martial Law, therefore granting the current POTUS position and power for as long as he sees fit.

Then there is everyone else. Seated somewhere in between the two extremes, not wanting to lose the right to bear arms but not really agreeing that a weapon that can spray 100 bullets per second is really necessary for the average citizen to own. Considering the increasing number of incidences with either mentally-unstable or drug-influenced gun toting people showing up in public places armed to the teeth with various types of rapidly firing weapons taking the lives of innocents, those in the middle feel that something has to be done to put an end to it…or at least direct the country the right way to putting an end to it.

Gun Control blog photoThe fact is that MORE guns is not going to help. Regulating the guns we DO have and, more importantly the people who have them IS going to help. Drug testing, more thorough background checks (especially at gun shows), limiting private sales and restricting or tracking those sales, etc. All things that are not unreasonable. Certainly not as unreasonable as putting guns in schools (when prison guards don’t carry them…around violent offenders).

Personally I don’t see the need for anyone to keep a weapon that is not used or hunting. Period. Does that mean that I think that we should get rid of them? Of course not. This is something my liberal friends and I disagree on. I do, however think that if you are going to keep something in your possession that can be used to kill another human being as easily as one can with a gun then you should be responsible enough to follow certain regulations to keep them.

No, there wasn’t anything written into the Constitution about drug-testing before bearing those arms. However at that time what we consider illegal drugs (cocaine, for example) were sold legally and often prescribed to cure certain ailments. Something we now know to be ridiculous. The weapons people had access to were NOT something that could be used to stop a truck either.

My point is this: As we as a people evolve, as our understanding of other cultures and peoples changes, as our weapons become bigger and more dangerous…hell, as more and more psychoactive drugs get handed out to counter supposed mental and psychological issues we need to evolve our policies to change with them. Before it becomes too late. Before we have another tragedy killing that could have been avoided by a simple urine test and a conversation with someone with a PhD and a couch.