A message to the mindless…

Fuck you!

Don’t think for yourself. Ever. I see you out there spreading your drivel across the world using what should be one of the most powerful tools available and, used properly it is. However you have reduced it to a vast, endless collection of trivial meme’s and badly spelled insults that have absolutely no bearing on the topic you have chosen to inject your stupidity into. You are an idiot and you have pushed me to the point that I want to smack the innocent just because you exist.

Please, stop trying to convince me that your torturous, self-indulging sky-daddy with violent tendencies exists. I am a student of science. I know that evolution is real…maybe not in your case, but most of us are the product of millions of years of nature adjusting and tweaking to ensure the survival of the fittest. Perpetually perfecting each species; sometimes creating new, sometimes ending those that just aren’t working out.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if you believe. You have the right to believe whatever you want to, however you do not have the right to shove your ridiculous theory down my throat in an attempt to choke off my ability to reason and think for myself. We get to enjoy both the freedom of religion as well as the freedom from religion. So take your [insert deity of choice here] and shove it directly up your arse and leave me the hell out of it.

Please stop trying to talk me into voting for your particular political candidate, especially if you belong to either of the two corporate-owned parties that are currently controlling our countries politics. Do you want to impress me? Do you want to have a conversation with me about politics? Great! Do that by coming to the table with well-thought out, articulate and intelligent facts…not the latest post you read on Facebook. Here’s a thought: how about you research some facts about everyone who is running. Take some notes, write down some questions, and come in offering a sturdy base of information that has nothing to do with your emotional attachment or whether or not your candidate prays because frankly I don’t give a shite.

Here’s another one: keep your religion/government/personal opinion out of my crotch…seriously. Whether or not I choose to abort a fetus is not your concern, anymore than any other female on the entire planet. This is another one of those things that if religion was removed from the equation and it was looked at logically you would see that sometimes there is just no alternative. Rape victims, incest sufferers, women who would otherwise die during childbirth…sometimes there is just no alternatives.

Also, this isn’t one of those decisions that women have to come to lightly. You can’t just walk in off the street and get one either, unless your demise is immediately imminent. You have to sit through counseling first, then after a nurse tries to convince you that there are other alternatives you have to go home and think about what you are considering doing…for a couple days. This makes it harder. You now know what you are considering, they have described, demonstrated, and shown photographs detailing the procedure and now you sit numbly reliving the education for the next 48 hours. Thinking. Then, when you still carry it through, you now have to live with that for the rest of your life. Having you in my face about it just makes me want to stab you with a very large pair of scissors.

You have a problem with gay marriage, well as the saying goes “Don’t marry one”. Seriously…what does it have to do with you? Everyone on the planet has the right to be just as miserable as you do. Again, if you remove your archaic religion from the equation there is no reason left. “It demeans the sanctity of marriage.” Really? I have two words for you: Brittany Spears. Not enough for you? How about Elizabeth Taylor? Honestly you have nothing. Pull your nose out of my business (again) and leave me to marry whomever I want. To tell you the truth however, with my views on the institution it won’t be happening any time soon. The next, if any ceremony I am directly involved in will be something closer to  hand-fasting, which lasts only a year and a day and then starts over again…but even that is not in the cards, hell it’s not even in the same game as I am right now.

I am unique and I thrive because of it. I have many varying ideologies, some conflicting with others while some compliment each other. I do not follow trend, but tend to go for “the road less traveled” even if that means I walk it alone.

Human beings are really not as complicated as we would like to believe. We all have moments that we want to think only of ourselves. We all have violent or angry thoughts, if only for a moment. We all have the possibility for being the best or the worst. The only variation is what we do with it. Yours will be a lot more fun if you spend less time obsessing about how others are living and learn to live your own life, while you have time to live it. It’s all over in the blink of an eye…


Kansas’ New Law Offers Potential Discrimination and Harassment, but Quarantine?

Kansas politicians have been busy trying to push through a bill aimed at “public health”. In 2011, the Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources first introduced House Bill 2183. This bill was to prohibit a representative of the government from depriving any citizen of the participating states’ rights and freedoms legally granted as well as providing a guarantee that residents of those states were to be protected from government penalization for living according to their legal freedoms. This would also essentially link these states together to fight against any breach of this Act, providing “mutual assistance”.

Liberal, KansasSounds like a great thing, right? Unfortunately, Kansas’ government officials didn’t think so, and it was denied in this original context. It seems that they didn’t want to risk being prosecuted for interfering with their residents’ freedoms. After all, that’s what the most conservative “powers that be” seem to have at the top of their agendas these days. (It makes me wonder if a town like Liberal, Kansas was meant ironically, like calling big guys “Tiny” or heavier guys “Slim”, but I digress…)

For the 2013 session this bill was once again brought out for discussion, however this time it was a totally different animal. The original document was meant to protect health care providers and their patients (see proposed 2013 language) as a lioness would protect her cubs. However in the two years since its first appearance, it would seem that our lioness contracted rabies and has turned on her young (see revised 2013 language).

The new bill is seemingly aimed at AIDS- and HIV-infected residents of Kansas. Although the term “communicable disease” is added deeper into the now seven-page document, including other diseases like pneumonic plague, cutaneous anthrax, and various childhood diseases from which typical immunizations protect us (measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.). This bill would amend and replace the current statutes (65-6004) and (65-6001) already in place that protected not just the physician and the patient, but the patient’s privacy. The only difference between the statutes as currently written and the proposed new bill is there is no mention of quarantine in either statute whereas our newest beast is causing panic about exactly that.

As of 1901, there was a provision in place in Kansas for quarantine in the case of infectious disease, authorizing a segregation of residents who were thought to be of high health risk to the rest of the population. In 1988 this was amended to include the following language: “…the infectious or contagious disease acquired immune deficiency syndrome or any causative agent thereof shall not constitute an infectious or contagious disease for the purposes of K.S.A. 65-118, 65-119, 65-122, 65-123, 65-126 and 65-129, and amendments thereto, because such disease is subject to the provisions of K.S.A. 65-6001 through 65-6007 and amendments thereto.” To ease discomfort about this bill however, an open letter regarding its intent was released stating there is no danger of quarantine due to the current law against such an event.

This revised bill had support of politicians in Kansas, with the exception of Senator Marci Francisco (D, Lawrence). Senator Francisco stated that, since HIV/AIDS is not communicable with “casual contact” this bill only stands to offer potential harassment or discrimination to its sufferers. It seems that she may not be alone in that thinking now. Actually, the majority consensus is not that those afflicted with HIV/AIDS will be quarantined (despite the strong provision and obvious direction of the revised bill) but that those who are infected will be harassed and discriminated against. Regardless, the bill passed in the Kansas Senate.

So this is where the residents of Kansas come in to play. This bill has not yet become official. There is still time to stop it. From the Kansas Equality Coalition, “We are hearing from some members of the House of Representatives that they feel they were mislead by KDHE on this version of the bill, and are prepared to vote against it.” All they need is to know that residents want it stopped. For a complete list of state representatives, this link offers names and contact information for every single representative with the ability to vote “NO” on this bill.

I urge you to take action against such a discriminatory bill that would roll back rights for HIV/AIDS patients by 25 years. Please take the time to contact these representatives today.

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An Open Memo to the “Trolls”

do not feed the trolls

Please help me to understand something. Why would someone who is against gays go to a page that is geared toward gays and their supporters just to be a dick…honestly. I understand why trolls visit atheist pages (or christian pages, even). However, do you honestly think that spewing a few [overused] carefully chosen quotes from the bible or trying to force your false morality on someone who lives according to their biologically programmed DNA is going to make them suddenly stand up and say, “Wow, you are SO right. I’m not going to love my partner anymore because you have shown me the error of my ways. Thank you SO much for taking the time to troll me. It worked!”?

It’s not just the pages on Facebook or tweets either. Do you honestly think that you are gonna make someone “change teams” using the dirty, potentially abusive and often violent methods that you use? Do you think THAT makes for a much more appealing lifestyle? An otherwise peaceful person sees you out there behind that [imaginary] line with your carefully made placards, spewing hate and anger. It’s obvious that you spent a lot of time on those placards as well, as they are often misspelled or filled with inaccurate information.

Picture that there is a member of the LGBTQ community walking down the street, holding hands with the person they have fallen in love with. Do you suppose for one moment that seeing you standing there ranting about “hellfire” and “eternal damnation” is going to make your lifestyle seem so much more appealing? Image Do you suppose that being subjected to random abuse (including verbal, physical and psychological) is so much fun for them that they still choose to live in what you consider to be a “sinful” lifestyle?

There is always a motivation, a resulting goal you hope to achieve and (at least in the case of live performance) you put yourself out in the public to make it. So what is it? Why is what someone else doing so important to you? How is a lesbian couple who decides they want to tie the knot going to affect you or your family at all? The answer to that last one is “it’s not” in case you were stuck with that. The fact (you know, information that isn’t based on bigoted opinion) is that the only people who will be affected by that particular union…(wait for it)…is the two lesbians.

Which brings me to my next point. A recent article released by the Minnesota Independent reports that Jason Adkins, who is the executive director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference seems to think that people who are bisexual will want to marry a person of each gender, simply because they have the capacity to love someone who could be of either gender. That’s the same mentality as a straight man who thinks that just because he meets a woman who is bisexual that she would be willing to have a threesome with him and one of her “hot” female friends. It’s just not accurate, even in the slightest. Generally speaking threesomes are the farthest thing from most people’s minds, for good reason. They suck. However people like you take your frat-boy mentality and inject into things that you frankly just don’t understand.

Lastly, just for you…yes, you. The incredulous human being who has the audacity to further indoctrinate your child by placing him/her next to you in the picket line I propose a new law; placing a child in a proImagetest situation shall be punishable according to how dangerous the situation has the potential to become (ranging from a basic fine to DCS intervention). For example, that chap in Paris shown in this pic should end up in deep discussion with a child protective services. Minutes after tear gas is used this jackass puts his toddler son on his shoulders and walks up to the officers who, after being assaulted by some of the protesters used the gas to put an end to the assault. You do things like this and then try to convince everyone that your first concern is for the children. It’s simply not true. The only concern YOU have is furthering your own agenda. My question is…what is your agenda?

The summer of 2010 brought the start of an interesting chapter in the life of a young resident of Salem, Missouri. Anaka Hunter was attempting to research information about Native American tribes and their associated spirituality. She went to her local public library and began searching online using one of the public computers. According to the complaint, many of the sites she attempted to access were blocked by the system employed by the library to filter out potentially dangerous topics from children. Those labeled as “occult” or “criminal skills” despite the fact that they were neither.

Ms. Hunter approached the library’s director and one of the defendant’s, Glenda Wofford. She requested that the websites she needed to be made accessible. Initially, Director Wofford is supposed to have simply stated that she had no control over it, sites were regulated by the internet filtering program the library uses. Hunter asked if a website offering information about “prominent Native American women” could be unblocked. The response was for Hunter to be given limited access (specifically to just one page of that website). When she again took it up with Wofford it was found that she essentially had power to set the system to prevent the viewing of  topics she viewed as dangerous or inappropriate. She went on to say that she only lifts the block for job-relevant sites, topic of research paper or if she deemed their necessity legitimate.

CIPA requires that libraries maintain a policy and ICF systems to prevent children from accessing “visual depictions” that are obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors. This library, like all other public libraries in Missouri, is also obligated to comply with MO. REV. STAT § 182.827.3. which requires that libraries “limit minors’ ability to gain access to material that is pornographic for minors.” You will note that there is no mention of “criminal skill” or “the occult”. According to the complaint, neither of the sites she was trying to visit fell under the category of “pornographic.”

The ICF system chosen by this library was called Netsweeper. This program assigns websites to various categories, including adult image, criminal skills, extreme, general, IWF (those tagged by the Internet Watch Foundation potentially contain images of child abuse), occult, pornography, and religion. All settings are pre-programmed but are quick and easy to change with little effort. Follows is a list of some of the sites she was attempting to visit:

1 ~ http://paranormal.about.com/

2 ~ http://www.allaboutspirituality.org/

3 ~ http://www.wicca.org/

4 ~ http://www.cultfaq.org/

5 ~ http://www.deathreference.com/

6 ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicca

7 ~ http://www.witchvox.com/

So, the ACLU of Eastern Missouri sued on Hunter’s behalf, claiming this violated Hunter’s First Amendment rights, and a federal judge agreed. Daniel Mach (Director of the Freedom of Religion and Belief chapter of the ACLU) said in a statement that: “Public libraries should be maximizing the spread of information, not blocking access to viewpoints or religious ideas not shared by the majority.”

Everyday in little ways all across the country little incidences of censorship like this happen. Individually, they don’t really mean anything, unless you are the student attempting to research a topic that someone else has already deemed “scary” or “dangerous.”




Censorship Near the Ozarks Ceased

“A” Week 2013


Thousands across the world give use of their profile and cover photo for the cause:

“You take part by changing your Facebook profile picture or cover image to an ‘A’ for one week. You’ll be joining thousands of people from all over the world in a global shared experience. If just a handful of people were to change their profile pictures almost no one would notice – but with many thousands taking part it gets noticed all over the world.”



Who Am I? What Do You Mean?

I am a Secularist fighting for the separation of church and state, as I don’t think religion has a place making decisions that affect those of us who choose not to follow specific systems of faith. I am a Humanist, supporting equal rights for everyone, regardless of sex, gender, race, creed or religion. I am a member of the LGBT community, pushing for legal equality as well as societal equality between those of us in the community as well as those who are not. I am also a mother of three children, all of varying personalities and beliefs whom I love as they guide me from one learning experience to the next. All of this together makes me an activist for what has promised to be the next evolution in American politics.

Indoctri Nation (Part III)

Jesus dinoIndoctri Nation

Part Three

The last two parts of my “Indoctri-Nation” series have been about creationism and intelligent design pouring into public schools, whether hidden in the pages of a textbook or offered as an after school activity. I believe that it is wrong and my reasoning is simple. The Humanist in me says children should be encouraged to explore things for themselves, research facts and peruse real evidence – not to accept the personal opinions of others as verbatim, but to come up with and form original opinions of their own. The Secularist in me thinks that, legal or not, the church should not be butting into places where it does not belong. A public school funded by tax dollars is, undeniably, one of these places. The Atheist in me says that having to discuss the credibility of any deity, which is becoming more common in school curriculum, is asinine. And finally, the mother in me says that I would rather home school my kids than subject them to that sort of education, and frankly if I had that kind of patience and discipline I would already be a teacher, starving under the tenure of a sadly ill-advised career choice.

So just what am I doing here? I am an outspoken blogger, tired of seeing our education treated in this country the way the rest of the world already sees us, as an educational laughing stock. I am tired of teachers with their own agenda. Teachers should be seeking out their positions because they want to teach our kids information that will make them, as the next generation entering the workforce, competitive with the rest of the world. Instead, some are promoting failed pseudo-scientific mythology, without evidence, and altering history to fit their own personal tastes.

Teachers are not alone to blame. Parents – YOU also need to be better educated yourselves. Question everything. Ask, before you swallow that big pill, what it actually does. Ask about side effects and addiction potential. Ask about fatalities. Ask about morals and equality. Learn that the answers don’t always come from a pulpit.

Next are lawmakers who should be passing laws that protect our system of teaching, not allowing it to be corrupted by myth and mystical beliefs. These are people who are chosen [in theory] by the people, to serve the people, regardless of the views and culture of those they represent. So why don’t they listen to what growing numbers of us want and has been upheld by Supreme Court decision after Supreme Court decision? It makes me ask another question; just who is pushing for all this, and why?

I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist. I would rather believe that this grip is the last “fig leaf” to fall. We have reached the end of the church rule and they are struggling to hold on to the last corner of the blanket. That’s what I hope. I grew up with an outspoken conspiracy theorist and I know what the conclusions sound like. I cannot tell you how much time I spent rolling my eyes and laughing at the latest convoluted collection of odd stories and weird assumptions of people of varying races, religions and political parties strung together with thin threads of circumstantial “evidence” and misinterpreted information.

Trust me, I get it. However when something like this presents itself, I have to ask…”Why?”


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