I don’t know if I like it or not…so, I’m going with not…I think

A gentle tingle sweeps through the body. This isn’t like cannabis where it sort of pours over you like warm honey. This creeps over you like a spider crawling across your body. Then it’s just BAM! right there wrapped through you like a large ghostly hand…there but not really there. The racing of your heart causes a mild panic the whole thing feels intense but you just know that had you been in the proper situation right then it could be freaking fantastic…well, dumbass, why didn’t you get ready for that first. It’s not like you didn’t do this to yourself with knowledge and forethought…well almost the latter anyway. So, don’t you bother trying to focus on anything really productive, because even though you probably have tunnel vision right now you lack the ability to focus on anything within that tunnel.

Let your head work through feeling thick like oatmeal and when you can skip again you are ready to get on with your day. If it becomes too…interactive for you just know that it’s acceptable to lay back and let it play through. It’s not going to be full length movie, so you won’t have to wait more than a quarter hour to return back to your own universe again.

(( personal note: If you feel the need to watch a music video or something to help you retain your bearings I suggest you do not watch Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” unless “creepy” is a feeling you are comfortable with.))

There you sit now, sort of like a gentle “hum”….feeling somewhat like you were on the edge of something…but you aren’t sure what it was, or whether or not you like it…so you try it again…