Protesting Means Researching…and a Speech

This Sunday there will be an online protest spanning the world and covering a wide variety of topics over a 24-hour period. Among those asked to join as a speaker was yours truly and my topic? Genital Mutilation.
Now, a couple weeks ago I was on A-News in my usual rank of co-host and our guest for the week was Lance A. Sievert, one of the coordinators of the protest. We discussed several topics in addition to the protest itself, including female genital mutilation (which happens to be one of my hot button issues…actually all genital mutilation, no matter the gender). From this conversation, I was asked if I would be interested in speaking during one of the spots for the protest.
This is kind of a big thing for me, and I’ll tell you why. It’s not because I feel like it’s a major task or anything. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of podcasts lately so it’s not because I’m nervous either. However this will technically be my first actual presentation for the secular community. I’m never really sure if I want to be a part of “the group” in most cases. “I would never join any club that would have me as a member” I believe is how the saying goes.
However, there are certain topics that really cause me to want to get involved. Far more than I wish to get into for the sake of this post, and honestly a quick search around this blog would demonstrate a few of them. The biggest thing for me is personal freedom. Each person should be able to live free from persecution, free from harm, free to choose for themselves, but mostly just free. Children are often at the receiving end of a whole list of what could be considered “evils” and I want to shed as much light on that as I can.
So, for the upcoming protest I shall be discussing genital mutilation, also referred to as circumcision. I’m not exactly sure of the scope of my presentation yet. The odds are really good that I’ll do a dry run before show time to make sure that I am ready…OCD and everything. The channel the Protes will air on can be found here, but I will post a link when it’s time for the show to air…and when I am about to go on.

So, that’s it for now. Watch for updates and likely me bouncing some filler just to see how it reads. Once aired, I will post the content in article format so anyone who wants to can read it.



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