Praying to Thor…or Not.

The seven days of the week are named for celestial bodies. Since, at the time of the naming gods were tied to the planets, they loosely became associated with those gods. They had gods for everything, by the way. Today people would be praying to the god of “good traffic” to make sure they got to work on time if we still followed this. Unless you actually honour the seven gods loosely attached to the seven bodies that our days of the week are named for, then stop using it as a lame-ass argument against christians. Seriously. Do you ACTUALLY honour the moon (or the attached god Mani) on Monday? Do you pull out a telescope and cast it’s gaze upon the surface every week? Do you even post a photo on Facebook of the moon every monday? No, you don’t.
Christians are actually praying to Christ. Whether their behaviour shows it everyday, they still honour him when they attend church, or bow their heads before a meal, or speak to him about their troubles before they sleep at night. Unless you can say the same thing about Mars or Venus then you cannot compare the fucking days of the week being loosely named for gods that they are only named after because space was a great mystery.
There is actual persecution happening out there. There are REAL breaches of church and state. There are real instances of religion being harmful, dangerous and even deadly to humanity. If you put half as much effort into real issues as you do the fucking names of the week, shit would actually get done. I have seen at least a half a dozen posts about this stupid nit-picky shit today alone. Let’s get passed it.
I would LOVE to see atheists put that much investigation into researching the politicians that govern this country. Time to move on, atheists. Time to actually “nut up or shut up” because at this point I understand why so many people see us as assholes. Also, I’m an atheist but if I want to say merry-fucking christmas it doesn’t make me less atheist. Not believing in a deity doesn’t mean I have the right to be a douche, nor does it automatically mean I am.


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