Hiatus has come to an end

It certainly has been a while. Time to dust off the page and get back to posting for myself again. I’m kind of spreading myself out a bit, but i like to think of it as “a place for everything” when it comes to my opinion.

For example, when it comes to anything atheism I have a regular appearance on the A-News podcast where I get to talk to people in the “community” every week. I also [occasionally] write an article for A-News Reports. You will no doubt see some cross-posting from here.

When it comes to things like science, skepticism and philosophy I get my fix on Trolling with Logic every Saturday. I get to talk to all sorts of fascinating people including published authors, Organisation leaders and representatives, and hosts from other shows. I will also toss out the odd article there as well. No doubt, there will be cross-posting here for that one, too.

Then there is my own space. Here I will post whatever doesn’t fit into any other spot but still needs to be heard. So, a little face-lift and a bit of updating and away we go.



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