Helen Denerley: Sculptor

Picture 053

For anyone who knows me, the subject for this review will come as no surprise as I am a huge fan of metal art. Scottish sculptor, born in Midlothian, Helen Denerley has made a name for herself by turning discarded pieces of metal from old motorbikes and automobiles into magnificent pieces of art. Her work can be seen all over Scotland and she even has a piece in Japan. Most of her work includes animals and she brings a special quality to each piece, making for very unique art. Here is a piece she was commissioned to create that sits outside the Omni, in Edinburgh.

Around the base of the “Dreaming Spires” sculpture is the following poetic phrase from a poem by Roy Campbell:

‘Giraffes! People who live between earth and skies. Each in his own religious steeple, keeping a lighthouse with his eyes.’

Her work has also inspired a bit of poetry from a poet of Northern Ireland, Michael Longley (speaking about a particular monkey sculpture that caught his eye) which follows:

It sat on the windowsill

Through a long evolutionary autumn

Until you came across the unimaginable –

The frame of a motorbike (and a side-car’s)

Hidden by snow and heather up a hill near Ullapool.

For more information about Ms. Denerley’s work including more photos of commissioned and public work, visit her website. For the article written by the Scotsman regarding the giraffes follow this link.


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