A message to the mindless…

Fuck you!

Don’t think for yourself. Ever. I see you out there spreading your drivel across the world using what should be one of the most powerful tools available and, used properly it is. However you have reduced it to a vast, endless collection of trivial meme’s and badly spelled insults that have absolutely no bearing on the topic you have chosen to inject your stupidity into. You are an idiot and you have pushed me to the point that I want to smack the innocent just because you exist.

Please, stop trying to convince me that your torturous, self-indulging sky-daddy with violent tendencies exists. I am a student of science. I know that evolution is real…maybe not in your case, but most of us are the product of millions of years of nature adjusting and tweaking to ensure the survival of the fittest. Perpetually perfecting each species; sometimes creating new, sometimes ending those that just aren’t working out.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if you believe. You have the right to believe whatever you want to, however you do not have the right to shove your ridiculous theory down my throat in an attempt to choke off my ability to reason and think for myself. We get to enjoy both the freedom of religion as well as the freedom from religion. So take your [insert deity of choice here] and shove it directly up your arse and leave me the hell out of it.

Please stop trying to talk me into voting for your particular political candidate, especially if you belong to either of the two corporate-owned parties that are currently controlling our countries politics. Do you want to impress me? Do you want to have a conversation with me about politics? Great! Do that by coming to the table with well-thought out, articulate and intelligent facts…not the latest post you read on Facebook. Here’s a thought: how about you research some facts about everyone who is running. Take some notes, write down some questions, and come in offering a sturdy base of information that has nothing to do with your emotional attachment or whether or not your candidate prays because frankly I don’t give a shite.

Here’s another one: keep your religion/government/personal opinion out of my crotch…seriously. Whether or not I choose to abort a fetus is not your concern, anymore than any other female on the entire planet. This is another one of those things that if religion was removed from the equation and it was looked at logically you would see that sometimes there is just no alternative. Rape victims, incest sufferers, women who would otherwise die during childbirth…sometimes there is just no alternatives.

Also, this isn’t one of those decisions that women have to come to lightly. You can’t just walk in off the street and get one either, unless your demise is immediately imminent. You have to sit through counseling first, then after a nurse tries to convince you that there are other alternatives you have to go home and think about what you are considering doing…for a couple days. This makes it harder. You now know what you are considering, they have described, demonstrated, and shown photographs detailing the procedure and now you sit numbly reliving the education for the next 48 hours. Thinking. Then, when you still carry it through, you now have to live with that for the rest of your life. Having you in my face about it just makes me want to stab you with a very large pair of scissors.

You have a problem with gay marriage, well as the saying goes “Don’t marry one”. Seriously…what does it have to do with you? Everyone on the planet has the right to be just as miserable as you do. Again, if you remove your archaic religion from the equation there is no reason left. “It demeans the sanctity of marriage.” Really? I have two words for you: Brittany Spears. Not enough for you? How about Elizabeth Taylor? Honestly you have nothing. Pull your nose out of my business (again) and leave me to marry whomever I want. To tell you the truth however, with my views on the institution it won’t be happening any time soon. The next, if any ceremony I am directly involved in will be something closer to  hand-fasting, which lasts only a year and a day and then starts over again…but even that is not in the cards, hell it’s not even in the same game as I am right now.

I am unique and I thrive because of it. I have many varying ideologies, some conflicting with others while some compliment each other. I do not follow trend, but tend to go for “the road less traveled” even if that means I walk it alone.

Human beings are really not as complicated as we would like to believe. We all have moments that we want to think only of ourselves. We all have violent or angry thoughts, if only for a moment. We all have the possibility for being the best or the worst. The only variation is what we do with it. Yours will be a lot more fun if you spend less time obsessing about how others are living and learn to live your own life, while you have time to live it. It’s all over in the blink of an eye…


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