An Open Memo to the “Trolls”

do not feed the trolls

Please help me to understand something. Why would someone who is against gays go to a page that is geared toward gays and their supporters just to be a dick…honestly. I understand why trolls visit atheist pages (or christian pages, even). However, do you honestly think that spewing a few [overused] carefully chosen quotes from the bible or trying to force your false morality on someone who lives according to their biologically programmed DNA is going to make them suddenly stand up and say, “Wow, you are SO right. I’m not going to love my partner anymore because you have shown me the error of my ways. Thank you SO much for taking the time to troll me. It worked!”?

It’s not just the pages on Facebook or tweets either. Do you honestly think that you are gonna make someone “change teams” using the dirty, potentially abusive and often violent methods that you use? Do you think THAT makes for a much more appealing lifestyle? An otherwise peaceful person sees you out there behind that [imaginary] line with your carefully made placards, spewing hate and anger. It’s obvious that you spent a lot of time on those placards as well, as they are often misspelled or filled with inaccurate information.

Picture that there is a member of the LGBTQ community walking down the street, holding hands with the person they have fallen in love with. Do you suppose for one moment that seeing you standing there ranting about “hellfire” and “eternal damnation” is going to make your lifestyle seem so much more appealing? Image Do you suppose that being subjected to random abuse (including verbal, physical and psychological) is so much fun for them that they still choose to live in what you consider to be a “sinful” lifestyle?

There is always a motivation, a resulting goal you hope to achieve and (at least in the case of live performance) you put yourself out in the public to make it. So what is it? Why is what someone else doing so important to you? How is a lesbian couple who decides they want to tie the knot going to affect you or your family at all? The answer to that last one is “it’s not” in case you were stuck with that. The fact (you know, information that isn’t based on bigoted opinion) is that the only people who will be affected by that particular union…(wait for it)…is the two lesbians.

Which brings me to my next point. A recent article released by the Minnesota Independent reports that Jason Adkins, who is the executive director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference seems to think that people who are bisexual will want to marry a person of each gender, simply because they have the capacity to love someone who could be of either gender. That’s the same mentality as a straight man who thinks that just because he meets a woman who is bisexual that she would be willing to have a threesome with him and one of her “hot” female friends. It’s just not accurate, even in the slightest. Generally speaking threesomes are the farthest thing from most people’s minds, for good reason. They suck. However people like you take your frat-boy mentality and inject into things that you frankly just don’t understand.

Lastly, just for you…yes, you. The incredulous human being who has the audacity to further indoctrinate your child by placing him/her next to you in the picket line I propose a new law; placing a child in a proImagetest situation shall be punishable according to how dangerous the situation has the potential to become (ranging from a basic fine to DCS intervention). For example, that chap in Paris shown in this pic should end up in deep discussion with a child protective services. Minutes after tear gas is used this jackass puts his toddler son on his shoulders and walks up to the officers who, after being assaulted by some of the protesters used the gas to put an end to the assault. You do things like this and then try to convince everyone that your first concern is for the children. It’s simply not true. The only concern YOU have is furthering your own agenda. My question is…what is your agenda?


One thought on “An Open Memo to the “Trolls”

  1. “The fact (you know, information that isn’t based on bigoted opinion) is that the only people who will be affected by that particular union…(wait for it)…is the two lesbians.” Best line ever!

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